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To support the University and the Jerry and Vickie Moyes College of Education, the mission of the Graduate Studies in Education program is to extend the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes of educators, including those in schools, business, industry and higher education. The program is designed to advance the theoretical and practical applications of curriculum and instruction for all learners. 



The goals of the program are accomplished through courses (face-to-face, hybrid and online), seminars, independent study, cooperative learning groups, individual and group assignments and projects that emphasize a practical implementation of theory to the teaching environment.

Full-term courses during the fall, spring and summer semesters are scheduled weekly at 4:30 p.m. Courses are also scheduled in two seven-week blocks, with first block courses at 4:30 p.m. and second block courses in the morning hours.

Elective courses, workshops and conferences are open to educators who are not seeking a MEd degree or graduate certificate but wish to improve their professional knowledge and teaching skills. 

Faculty & Staff



The Master of Education (MEd) degree program, as part of the Moyes College of Education Graduate Studies in Education program, is practice-oriented with the primary focus of enhancing knowledge, skills and attitudes of educators. In support of the conceptual framework, "Student Achievement: Students, Teachers and Communities Working Together," the goals of the curriculum reflect an emphasis on preparing master teachers: 

  • who are reflective of their own practices and their impact on students.
  • who engage students through a variety of strategies to ensure growth in knowledge and learning processes that they might become independent lifetime learners.
  • who collaborate with peers and students in learning communities.
  • who are knowledgeable and current in their chosen areas.
  • who engage in research to improve educational practices and those of peers.

In cooperation with the university, the program provides avenues for continuing professional development and continual learning for university faculty as well as students, and encourages the university values of teaching, scholarship and service.