Student Projects

Sand Pattern Generation Device

By Andrew Achter and Carson Farr
A sand pattern generation device, that can create mazes or patterns on sand using a ball and magnet. Built from scratch.



Drawing Robot

By Stockton McKay and Caleb Gatrell
A drawing robot that can draw pictures or patterns on paper. Built from scratch.



Voice Controlled Robot Arm

By Abigail Bolton and Christopher Allen
A robot hand kit. Programmed it to make a voice-controlled manipulator that can sort different objects.

Hexapod Pathfinder

By Tyler Thomas and Kaden Griffin
A hexapod robot kit. Programmed to sense surrounding environments and travel through a maze.


Robot Dog

By Nathan Malmberg
A robot dog kit. Programmed for voice control.



Mechanical Bird

By Jessica Lancaster, Anthony Waters, and Anthony Ash.
Design and manufacturing of an Ornithopter. Senior Project.