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FALL 2023

COVID-19 UPDATE: Most classes are taught virtual until further notice. Check course schedule for delivery method.

We now offer two different MBA programs:  Virtual and Hybrid.  Students must apply to one or the other and take at least 2/3 of their classes in the program they applied to (up to 1/3 of their classes can be taken in the other program.)  Students in our Virtual MBA program take their courses online using ZOOM software.  Students in our Hybrid MBA program take their courses Face-to-Face at the WSU Davis Campus, although online work is still required.  Most MBA courses (Virtual and Hybrid) are taught in 8-week blocks (two blocks per semester - fall, spring and summer), although some classes are on Saturdays.  Students typically take 1-2 courses during each 8-week block. Students can complete the MBA degree within 1 year or in up to 7 years, and as long as prerequisites are met, courses may be taken in any order.