Photo and Video Release Forms

Release forms are important because they prove you have a subject’s permission to use their name and likeness in photos and/or video. They protect the university from legal action when we use, and reuse, images and videos for marketing purposes. 

Any subject who is recognizable in the photo or video should sign the release. The exception is public events where no single person in a crowd is prominently featured. 

If the subject in the photo or video is under 18 years old, a legal guardian must sign the release. 

While our photographers and videographers usually have release forms for subjects to sign, they are available to and should be used by employees on campus capturing images and using them in digital or print media for the university. 

It is the responsibility of the department taking the photos/videos to maintain their release forms. You should keep signed forms on file. If you leave the university, forms should be handed over to your supervisor.

Photo & Video Release: Multiple

Photo & Video Release: Single