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Merit Pages

What is Merit Pages?

Weber State University wants to celebrate your successes with the people who care about you. Using Merit Pages, we can send personalized news stories to you, your friends, family, high school and hometown newspapers. Whether you participate in undergraduate research or service learning, win a competition or succeed academically, we want to be loud and proud about your accomplishments.

What Happens With Merit Pages Achievement Stories?

As a Weber State student, when you are included in a Merit story, you will receive a link to the story through your student email account. The story will also be shared with the personal email addresses that you provided as part of the admissions process. Hometown newspapers and state legislators will also receive the news based on the zip code associated with your permanent address. High schools are alerted to your accomplishments based on the admission application information.

Most of this information can be updated in your Merit profile. To view and make changes to which addresses are on file for your account, log in to Merit and go to “My Account.” From there, click on “Privacy.”

How to Access Your Merit Page

If you are a student enrolled at Weber State, you will receive a Merit welcome message in your account. The email includes a link to your personal Merit page along with a temporary username and password that can be changed after logging in. You can also visit and click “log in” on the top right corner to follow the “forgot password” steps to log in with your university email address.

WSU Merit Pages

Check out student success stories happening everywhere at WSU! You can also share your own accomplishments with friends and family and learn more about events happening on campus.

Merit Pages Home Page

Sign In

To participate in Merit Pages, you must sign in. Merit Pages will send a link to your student email or you can follow the “forgot password” steps to sign in here.

Merit Pages Sign In

How to Make Sure Friend and Family Members Receive Merit Stories

Email addresses on record will automatically be alerted each time a new story is posted. You can also direct people to to search for your name and then click the “follow” button. They will be prompted to create an account that allows them to follow your achievements. If you prefer not to share stories with family members associated with their registration information, you can remove those email addresses from automatic distribution by logging into your Merit account, clicking on “My Account” and then clicking “Privacy.”

Weber State Respects Your Privacy 

Your stories will remain private until you choose to opt into Merit. Because we value student privacy, student Merit pages are set to be private by default and are not searchable on or indexed by search engines such as Google, unless you click the “make page searchable” button.

Once you've signed in and opted in, stories containing your first and last name will be shared automatically with family, hometown news outlets, state representatives and high school principals and counselors. You can also use these stories to share on your social media accounts. To view and make changes to who receives Merit updates, you can click on “Privacy” in your Merit account.

You can opt out the first time you log in, or click the “opt out” button at the bottom of the welcome email. If you decide to opt out later, you can click “My Account,” “Privacy,” then “Opt Out,” or email media relations.