Campuswide Digital Communication Guidelines


This guideline provides the university with information about the official ways to communicate and align messaging to utilize the appropriate services to meet the needs of stakeholders.


Alerts: appears at the top of the home page and used for communications that will impact the campus community’s ability to work and study. These are usually related to school closures, IT announcements, weather, construction, and when applicable, emergencies.

Campus Mass Email (listserv): an internal email communication system to distribute emails based on role; exempt, nonexempt, faculty, adjunct, current students, and non-student hourly positions. Users are enrolled based on their primary role on campus and not able to opt out of the email list.

Code Purple: an emergency alert system used to distribute information to the campus community via phone call and text message. Used in instances where health and safety is at risk.

Department Newsletters (Gmail): a document created, maintained, and monitored by departments and divisions.

Digital Signage (ScreenCloud): the official messaging used throughout campus todisplay various departmental information.

Google Groups: a service from Google that provides discussion groups for people sharing common interests.

WSU Announcements: campuswide announcements is for internal communications for students, faculty, and staff.

WSU Executive Staff: Encompasses the President, Vice President for Administrative Services, Provost, Vice President for Information Technology, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for University Advancement, and Assistant Vice President for Diversity/Chief Diversity Officer.

Announcement Areas

WSU Announcements

Product or Service Owner: Office of Workplace Learning

Description: WSU Announcements is an eWeber portal app which distributes information to students, faculty and staff via a web page as well as emails. This is for any university-related information including events, general announcements, activities, paying for courses, training, sales, sports, benefits, etc.

Note: Access to WSU Announcements will be granted pending VP-level approval followed by completion of the online training.

Code Purple

Product or Service Owner: Director of Public Safety

Description: Code Purple is an emergency notification system that gives Weber State University the ability to communicate health and safety emergency information quickly by text, voice, and email.


Product or Service Owner: Web Content Manager, Marketing & Communications

Description: The Listserv is used to distribute information to groups on campus via mass emails. It must meet at least one of the requirements stipulated in Campuswide Digital Communications.

Steps for approval:

  1. Fill out the Mass Email Request Form.
  2. Once approved, the email is created and distributed.

In order to use this service, the message must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • The message must be from the Office of the President or the Information Security Office (ISO).
  • The message is a matter of safety or health.
  • The message relates to changes in university policy.
  • The message is a matter of federal or state compliance.
  • The message impacts at least 50 percent of your intended audience.

Marketing & Communications staff reserve the right to make and/or request minor edits and punctuation changes for accuracy and a polished brand presence. The intent and/or meaning of the message will not be altered.

Do you really need to send a mass email?

Email fatigue is real and sending too many emails can mean no one reads anything you send. If this communication is not urgent or not legally required you might want to submit an WSU Announcement instead. Please consider writing for web standards and how your audience is best served.


Mass emails can currently be targeted to one or several of the following groups: Faculty, Exempt Staff, Adjunct Faculty, Non-exempt Staff, Current Students, Hourly Students, Non-Student Hourly. If there are other groups you wish to contact, please email the Marketing & Communications web content manager to discuss this possibility.

You may only submit the mass email request form if you have approval from a member of WSU Executive Staff.

Other Options

If your message does not fit the requirements listed above, we encourage you to use the following resources to get your information to a wide audience.

Alerts Admin

Product or Service Owner: Web Content Manager - Marketing & Communications, IT Special Projects and Process Manager, or Sr. Support Operations Manager

Description: A small box on the homepage used to communicate urgent campus wide impacts. For example systems outages, construction, campus closures, etc.

Steps for approval:

  1. Contact the Sr. Support Operations Manager, or the IT Special Projects and Process Manager in the IT Division, or the Web Content Manager - Marketing & Communications.

Digital Signage

Primary Contact is the Associate IT Training Specialist, Product Owner is Infrastructure Services - IT Division

Description: Centralized cloud platform to display information on televisions across campus.

Division/Department Newsletters

Product or Service Owner: Dispersed throughout a department or division.

Description: Informational materials created, maintained, and monitored by departments and divisions.

Steps for approval:

  1. Reach out to your department supervisor/chair.