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Featured Events

The homepage also contains a featured events section. To fill this section, Marketing & Communications staff members will select events that have been submitted to the WSU master calendar. To see who in your college/division can submit calendar items, or to become an authorized user, visit https://weber.edu/bulletinboardhelp.

Calendar items will be selected for promotion on the homepage based on the following criteria:

  1. The event is appropriate for a broad audience. Preferably, it would be open to WSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. Events for solely WSU students are acceptable, but they should be pertinent to all or the vast majority of students.
  2. The calendar submission has appropriate accompanying artwork (in content, size and quality) to be featured on the homepage. Suggested size: 300 wide x 200 high pixels at 150 resolution.
  3. The calendar submission has all pertinent information included and links to a URL with complete information.
  4. Selected events showcase a broad range of interests and subjects.

There is room for at least five and up to 10 events on the homepage at one time, and they will display in order of event date. Contact web content manager Anna Burleson to request homepage "featured events" consideration for your upcoming event.

Calendar items will be copied onto the homepage calendar and may be edited by Marketing & Communications to correct errors, clarify information or improve presentation.

Contact Information

Anna Burleson
Web Content Manager