Major & Career Navigation


The WSU Major & Career Navigation program was designed for you! Watch this short video for a brief overview of the program, how it can help you, and what you can expect moving forward. The program is built with busy student schedules in mind and is divided into three simple steps outlined below.


STEP 1: Take the Strong Interest Inventory and Work Values Self Assessment

Time: ~ 60 minutes total

Strong Interest Inventory:

The Strong Interest Inventory is an assessment tool that helps identify your career interests. It will take approximately 40-45 minutes and costs $10 (payable by debit or credit card). Please make sure you have this much time set aside so you can complete the assessment in one sitting. You will receive the results of your assessment during the in-person workshop. To take this assessment, follow the link below and select the "Strong Interest Inventory" button in the options box. Take the Strong Interest Inventory 

(Note: You must be a current WSU student to take the Strong Interest Inventory through this program. A limited number of needs-based assessment fee waivers are available for those who are financially unable to pay the $10 cost. Click here to apply for a scholarship).

Work Values Self Assessment:

The WSU Work Values Self Assessment is a free online activity that will help you identify the workplace qualities that you value most. It will take about 10-15 minutes to complete and no personal information other than your name is required. Please write down or take a picture of your top 10 values when you are finished and bring them to the workshop (step 2). Take the WSU Work Values Self Assessment

Once you have completed both the Strong Interest Inventory and the Values Sort, go on to step 2.

STEP 2: Schedule and attend a workshop to receive your assessments results

Time: ~ 60 min

Major Discovery Workshop

Now that you have completed step 1, be sure to sign up for one of our fun, interactive workshops where you will receive your assessment results and learn how to use them to choose a major and make career decisions. Multiple dates and times are available. To register for a workshop, please do the following:

  1. Log onto the Wildcat Handshake System using your WildcatID and password.
  2. Once in Handshake, click on Career Center > Appointments > Schedule a New Appointment.
  3. Select "Major and Career Navigation - Assessment Results" (5th down on the list).
  4. Choose one of the "MCN" sessions that best matches the type of major your a currently leaning toward.
  5. Select an available date/time and appoointment block.
  6. Complete the short request form and hit "Request"
  7. DONE!

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, assessment workshops have temporarily been moved to an online presentation format. Please register for a workshop using the instructions above and you will receive your assessment results via email as well as instructions for joining the online interpretive workshop.

Once you have attended the workshop, go on to step 3.

STEP 3: Follow up with an academic advisor and/or career counselor

Time: ~30+ min

Meet with a college advisor

After attending a workshop, make sure to 1) finish your Career Exploration Guide worksheet and then 2) schedule an appointment with an academic advisor and/or career counselor who will help you finalize a decision and create an academic plan. To select the right advisor/counselor, please use the following guidelines:

If you have decided what you want to major in and need help selecting classes and/or creating an academic plan, meet with a major advisor (see "Major Advisement" in the Online Resources section below).

If you have not yet decided what you want to major in but need help selecting general education classes and/or creating a temporary academic plan, meet with a Student Success Center advisor (see "Student Success Center Advisement" in the Online Resources section below).

If you have not yet decided what you want to major in and would like to review your assessment results with a career counselor or explore career options with different majors, meet with a Career Services counselor/advisor (see "Wildcat Handshake" in the Online Resources section below).

To slow the spread of COVID-19, advising appointments have been moved to a remote phone or teleconference format. Instructions will be provided upon scheduling your appointment.

Helpful Online Resources

Website Resource Type Description
Holland Code Theory Video Video Short (2.5 minute) video produced by WSU that gives a brief explanation of Holland Code theory (which is used in the Strong Interest Inventory). This is the video shown at the beginning of the Major & Career Navigation Workshop.
Find My Advisor Major Advisement Identify and schedule an appointment with the program advisor for your major. Once you have decided on a major (or are leaning toward one), go ahead and schedule an appointment with this individual. Your academic advisor can assist you in creating an academic plan and selecting classes. They can also answer specific questions about your major.
Student Success Center General Studies Advisement If you have academic questions but have not yet decided on a major, the Student Success Center can help. In addition to assisting students who are working on their Associate of General Studies degree, they can also help undecided students create a temporary academic plan while they are exploring options. To schedule an appointment with a Student Success Center advisor call 801-626-7678.
Wildcat Handshake Career/

If you have further questions regarding your career assessment results or would like additional career-related information, please go to Wildcat Handshake:

  1. Log into Wildcat Handshake in your eWeber portal
  2. Select "Career Center" (top right)
  3. Select "Appointments"
  4. Schedule either a "Follow-up to Major & Career Navigation Workshop" appointment (to discuss your assessment results with a counselor) OR a "Career and Employment Advising" appointment (to discuss career opportunities with a particular major).
O*Net Career Exploration Huge database of occupational information published by the U.S. Department of Labor. Focuses on job responsibilities, associated skills, related career values, and more. Includes the Holland Code for each occupation. Go to Focus > Interests to search by Holland Code.
Occupational Outlook Handbook Career Exploration Detailed statistics on hundreds of occupations published by the U.S. Department of Labor. Includes educational requirements, salary data, number of people working in each occupation, related occupations, and more.
WSU Major Pages Major Information Quick access to information on WSU's 100+ majors and programs. Searchable by interest area or major name. Includes links to the course requirements for each major.
CatTracks "What-if" Academic Planning Use WSU CatTracks to monitor your academic progress toward graduation. In addition, you can use the "What-if" feature to see how long it would take to graduate with different majors.
Weber Graduation MAPs Academic Planning View a suggested course sequence and semester-by-semester plan for graduating efficiently and rapidly with your chosen major.
What Can I Do With My Degree? Employment Employment information by major including major industries, employer types, strategies for success, and related professional associations. Resource sponsored by WSU Career Services.
BuzzFile Employment Large database of company information, searchable by company name or location.