LGBTQ+ Scholarships

Matthew Shepard Scholarship

The purpose of this endowed scholarship is to support students at Weber State University who identify as a sexual or gender minority as well as their allies. It is a goal of this scholarship to educate individuals about issues concerning sexual and gender minorities and to create an atmosphere of support and nurturing for all students at Weber State University. 

The Weber State University Matthew Shepard Scholarship strives to: 

  • Build awareness of the academic achievements and community service of sexual and gender minority students at Weber State University. 
  •  Encourage recipients to complete their studies and become an engaged, supportive community leader.
  • Raise the hopes and aspirations of sexual and gender minority students, many of whom strive against great obstacles. 
  • Build a healthier and more positive understanding of sexual and gender minorities both among themselves and in the public mind. 

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Lawrence J. Hall and Patricia I. Weckel Scholarship

The Lawrence J. Hall and Patricia I. Weckel LGBT Resources Advocate Scholarship Endowment was created to provide support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer students; LGBTQ allies; or students who have demonstrated service to the LGBTQ community. George and Mary Hall and Mary Ann Miller acknowledge that the antidote to prejudice and alientation is education.

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Chandler and Kimberly Holbrook LGBTQ Scholarship

The Chandler and Kimberly Holbrook LGBTQ Scholarship has been created to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer... students or allies. Two scholarships will be awarded each year in the total of $2500, split across two seemsters.  

Scholarship applications are taken during Spring Semester and are awarded for the academic year starting in Fall Semester. Scholarship awards can be used to cover tuition, fees, books, educational supplies, or other educational expenses as approved by the scholarship selection committee.

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