Learning Assistants (LAs)

LAs are peers who understand what you're going through, and help you manage the academic and non-academic challenges of college while working closely with your professors to ensure you are understanding content covered in class.



Help With Course Content

Learning Assistants can help you understand course content during class sessions, and depending on the class, will offer either small-group or 1-on-1 assistance outside of class.

Study Strategies

Learning Assistants can help you with note-taking, time, management, and other skills that will help you succeed in your Wildcat Scholars or FAST Start class--or any class!


Learning Assistants are Certified Peer Educators who can help you find the resources to manage non-academic challenges like figuring out financial aid, finding a job on- or off-campus, arranging childcare, and making connections with others.


LAs are part of first-year programs for Wildcat Scholars and FAST Start and other select courses. Learn more about these programs: