CliftonStrengths (Formally StrengthsQuest)

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CliftonStrengths (from Gallup Corporation) helps participants focus on developing their strengths rather than weaknesses.

CliftonStrengths encourages awareness of personal strengths potential and helps participants approach all aspects of their achievement from a strengths-based perspective. Through this approach, participants are empowered to create actionable, strategic plans which use their greatest talents to build strengths.

What is the assessment?

The Clifton StrengthsFinder is an online assessment tool that reveals a participant's five greatest areas of talent, as well as a website with interactive features such as action plans, discussion boards, and more. Developed by Dr. Don Clifton, the founder of Gallup, the assessment is 180 questions administered through the Gallup website.

How can I take the assessment?

Students may come to the Department of Student Involvement & Leadership, located in the Shepherd Union, 326, and request a code. Codes are paid through student fees, so there are no charges for WSU students to take the assessment.

Why do I only get my top five?

The purpose of CliftonStrengths is to start you on the path to developing your strengths by helping you discover your most dominant talents. Talents are the "raw materials" required for strengths development, and the more dominant the talent, the greater the opportunity for strength. The Clifton StrengthsFinder measures the presence of talents in 34 areas, or "themes," but only reveals your top five themes in order to provide focus on your most dominant talents.

I have already completed level one and would like to learn more … where do I go to find out more?

The Key to StrengthsQuest is to continually develop your strengths. To learn more about your Strengths and how to use them individually and in groups please contact us:

StrengthsQuest Resources