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Peer Support Programs

Peer Mentor Program

The International Student Peer Mentor Program is a comprehensive support system that guides new international students through their academic and social journey at their institution. It offers guidance, resources and a sense of community, recognizing the unique challenges they face. Experienced mentors provide support in academics, campus resources, cultural adaptation and social integration.

Apply as a Mentor

This is a paid position.


  • Must be a current student with more than 1 year at WSU
  • Good academic standing
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrate cultural competency, empathy, patience and leadership
  • Engage weekly with mentees
  • Required to attend trainings and weekly check-in meetings

Apply as a Mentee

This is a free program.


  • An international student at Weber State University
  • Either a new student within their first or second semester OR any international student wishing for more support academically or socially
  • Engage with mentor weekly

Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador Program connects current Weber State students with international exchange students to provide guidance, assistance, and a sense of belonging during their time at the university (one or two semesters.) Ambassadors engage in activities together, share experiences, and help international students navigate the academic and social aspects of campus life. This program aims to foster cultural exchange, friendship, and support between students from different backgrounds.

Apply as an Ambassador

This is a volunteer position.


  • Must be a current student at Weber State
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness
  • Reliable (attend most activities)
  • Pass interview
  • Complete monthly check in (3 total)
  • Complete a total of 15 volunteer hours

    These hours are earned by attending events with your exchange student, completing the monthly check in, and engaging with exchange students outside of scheduled events (going to a sports game, hiking, thanksgiving dinner, etc.)


  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market through cross-cultural experiences
  • Become a more understanding and confident person
  • Free t-shirt and free food
  • Have dinner with the President of WSU