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Housing is available on campus as well as in Ogden, with many options available a short distance from campus.

On-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

Websites where you can find places to rent:

Rental Prices
Rental prices are usually per month.
Check what utilities are included/not included in the rent price. Property owners will often include some in the rent price, like garbage or water. Other utilities include electricity, gas and internet. If the landlord does not cover these, you must set them up when you move in.
Paying a deposit is normal, and is usually one month’s rent. If you keep the place in good condition, then the landlord will often give the deposit back when you move out.

Tips for Successfully Finding Housing

  • Start as soon as possible as housing tends to fill up quickly.
  • Try to see the place in-person before you sign any contracts. If not, have a friend see it, or ask them to do a phone/video call with you.
  • Read the contract thoroughly before signing it. It is tedious, but when you sign the contract, you have to abide by what it says, or you can run into legal issues.
  • Know what your landlord is promising to do. If they say they will take care of the lawn, and they do not, you can refer them to their contract.
  • Notice how long the lease/contract lasts. If you need to move before the lease ends, you will need to speak with your landlord and you may have to pay a fee.
  • Interacting with property owners:
    • Pay on time, if not a little early.
    • Have a good relationship with your landlord. Talk to them about issues that come up. Be open and honest with them.
    • If you ever need to terminate a contract, talk to the landlord well beforehand.
    • Keep your space clean, and it is usually best to not drill or put nails in the walls.
  • How to notice a scam:
    • Do not send money before you see it or talk to them over the phone/video call.
    • Be cautious if the pictures of the place look strange.
    • Be cautious if it looks too good to be true. Average prices for a small one-bedroom apartment range from $800-$1,300 per month. If the price is significantly lower than that, it might be a scam.