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You know about malware, but what about scamware? Scamware is software that poses as legitimate but is really nothing more than a piece of malware waiting to wreak havoc. Some of this scamware is even advertised on TV, so it does look legitimate but it has no real worth at all. It's kind of like snake oil of the 21st century which acts like it is going to provide your computer a magical fix but its really only a money pit. These products don't have real worth or value and do not solve your computer problems.

There are many different types of scamware, but we will focus on the Driver Updater and the One-Click Fix-It programs.

Driver Updaters

Never download a Driver Updating Utility; they are a waste of money, and those that are free will usually have malware that will infect your computer. The only safe way to update your hardware and software is to go directly to the manufacturer.

One-Click Fix-Its

You have seen these types of programs on TV and ads on the Web. Things like SpeedUpMyPC, MyFastPC, and the tons more. These programs promise to clean your computer of viruses and malware with one click but there is never a one-click miracle that is going to fix your computer problems. You are better off taking your system to a tech support service.

Scamware wastes your money and gives you false hope and the worst part is that most of these evade detection by most antivirus and antimalware tools.

There are many kinds of scamware, adware, viruses, and other evil elements out there so please be careful and mindful of what you install on your systems. If there is a problem with your computer contact the Service Desk listed below.