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A standard is typically collections of system-specific or procedural-specific requirements/guidelines that must be met by everyone. The purpose of a standard is to provide guidance to ensure safe computing.  

Secure Remote Access

The following security standard, which defines secure remote access and the required tools and practices, is intended to ensure that remote access to the Weber State University network and high risk/confidential information is accessed and performed in a secure fashion.

Remote access is determined by access to university resources regardless of whether the connections are on-campus or off-campus.

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Third Party Network Access and Use

This guideline provides guidance for third-party network access to and use of Weber State University’s internal network. This guideline is designed to supplement university policies 10-1 -- Information Security Policy, 10-2 -- Acceptable Use Policy, and 10-3 -- Network Security/Firewall Policy.

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Computing Documentation

The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance for documenting and managing all computing equipment as it is addressed in PPM 10-1.

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