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The Weber State University's executive management has made the protection and removal of sensitive data a priority.  We have a moral and legal obligation to protect and be responsible for the data generated from administrative, business, and research activities.  WSU is using Spirion, formerly known as Identity Finder, to proactively locate and secure sensitive data on computer and server hard drives own by WSU to ensure that it is not left vulnerable to potential identity theft.

Spirion is a program that searches Windows or Mac computers for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as credit card and social security numbers to help you manage those files by enabling WSU employees to secure sensitive data; thus preventing data leakage by making you aware of files that need to be secured or removed.  Identifying and securing this type of data will reduce the risk of identity theft.  It is important that you as the user of the data take action to ensure sensitive data does not reside on computer hard drives.  WSU provides a safe and secure cloud option to store sensitive data in the form of Box and/or Google Drive.  You need to be aware of where you are storing sensitive data at all times.  With your help and the use of Spirion, we can better protect PII information.

For questions about Spirion, you can search the FAQ, contact your CTC, or call the Information Security Office.

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