About Us

The Information Security Office oversees the Weber State University community's efforts to protect its computing and information assets and to comply with information-related laws, regulations and policies. The office reports to the university's senior management through the Vice President of Information Technology.


The ISO's approach to security is more proactive than reactive, although we give priority response to incidents that have institution-level impact or that require university-wide coordination.

Our current focus is securing systems that affect a majority of the university, including central administrative systems and the campus data network. The ISO gives special priority to systems containing data classified as Sensitive Information as defined in the Information Security Policy

We also continue to focus on:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessment,
  • Use of automated tools to help detect and respond against known threats,
  • Practice employee awareness training, 
  • and refresh governance policies to keep current with trends.

If you become aware of a Cyber or Information security issue regarding Weber's computers or networking resources, contact your assigned Data Security Stewart (DSS) or Information Security Office (ISO). The IT Service Desk can help you if you need to secure or repair your computer.

If you become aware of a physical crime or need law enforcement services, please contact Weber State Police Department (WSPD).