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We are looking for submissions around the following topics:

1. Teaching and Learning

2. Technology & AI

3. Social, emotional and mental health

4. Leadership

5. Innovation

6. Other

You must submit, in English, a 250-300 word abstract. If selected, you’ll receive an email notifying you of your admission within two weeks. You will also receive an invitation letter with which you can apply for the U.S. visa, should you need one.

Submission opens: June 19, 2023

Submissions are now closed!

We recommend submitting early if you anticipate any visa issues.

Once You’re Selected

ISfTE seminars are different from traditional conferences. At ISfTE, seminar participants do not present the paper to a large audience. Instead they are placed into paper groups with colleagues from around the world. Members of the paper group remain together, providing each other with helpful feedback about their paper submissions and engaging in informed discussions for the duration of the seminar.

Even though you only need an abstract to be admitted to the seminar, you will be asked to distribute a draft of your paper on the first day of the seminar. Bring 12 to 15 printed copies of your paper. Papers can take a variety of forms (report on research results, outline of work in progress, etc.)

You will distribute copies of your preliminary work to your group on the first day of the seminar. You, in turn, will receive papers from other members in your paper group for your review and feedback. Time is allocated for reviewing papers as part of the seminar schedule. You will then work together for the remainder of the week to provide and receive helpful feedback about your paper as well as engage in ISfTE seminar activities.

Paper groups are comprised of approximately 8-10 paper presenters, structured around common interests and focus areas.

The purpose of the paper group format is to promote international dialogue and cross-cultural research. The atmosphere is collegial and informal, with considerable time for informed and critical feedback on ideas, practices and research. Annual seminar participants are later invited to submit their revised and or finished paper to JISTE (Journal of International Society for Teacher Education).