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Discover Weber State

Weber State University (WSU) is located in Ogden, Utah. Founded in 1889, WSU provides transformative educational experiences and high-quality degrees. In the fall of 2022, enrollment at WSU was 29,914 offering more than 225 different degrees.

The name “Weber” comes from the name of the county where the university is located, which was named after John Henry Weber, an early American fur trapper. Weber State College, as was an earlier iteration of the name, awarded its first baccalaureate degree in 1964.

The Moyes College of Education is committed to developing and maintaining healthy and responsible individuals, families and schools in a global and diverse society through roles related to the preparation and support of practitioners and educators, service to campus and community,and the discovery and advancement of knowledge. The Teacher Education program is one of the top ten programs at this university.

We are very excited to host you at Weber State University this year!