Courses I teach

These are the courses I usually teach:

SPAN 1010 First Semester of Spanish (F2F, ONLINE, Hybrid)

SPAN 1020 Second Semester of Spanish (F2F, ONLINE)

SPAN 2010 Third Semester of Spanish

SPAN 2020 Forth Semester of Spanish

SPAN 3000 Intermediate Conversation

SPAN 3060 Grammar and Composition (F2F, ONLINE)

SPAN 3160 Introduction to Literature (F2F, ONLINE)

SPAN 3570 Hispanic Music

SPAN 3630 Teatro contemporáneo español

SPAN 3670 The writings of Gabriel García Márquez

SPAN 3670 Hispanic Women Writers

SPAN 3730 Spanish for Legal Professions

SPAN 3740 Translation I

SPAN 3750 Healthcare Interpreting

SPAN 3760 Audiovisual Translation and Localization

SPAN 4740 Translation II

FL 3540 Latin American Environment and Cultures