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Welcome to the Weber State Interior Design Program

WSU’s Program of Interior Design prepares you to enter the design-build network of professions
with a firm knowledge of professional standards, design theory, design process, technical skills and the art of professional selling.

Take your first step toward a promising interior design career by applying at Weber State University. 

To start one of our programs, you must complete these steps:


Step 1: Apply to WSU

Apply for admission
Note: No courses older than 10 years will be accepted for transfer credit toward a degree in this program.

Step 2: Declare your major or program

  1. Go to your eWeber portal and open the Change My Major app
  2. Use the Major dropdown to select your major.
  3. Some require a minor and concentration. The app will prompt you to select them.
  4. The app will prompt you or you will be emailed regarding any requirements and extra steps you’ll need to take for certain majors.
  5. Click Submit to send your major declaration request to the department. Your request will be reviewed in 3-5 business days.
  6. Your major will appear in CatTracks once approved.



To see what courses will transfer, go to the Weber website ( and go to the Index --- select 'T' for 'Transfer to Weber.'   

There you can enter the course number from the institution transferring from and it will state the course it transfers for at Weber, if applicable.

Compare that with the 'suggested course sequence.' (see below). 



Then, on the interior design website (,  go to the 'degrees' tab,  select 'Bachelor of Science' degree. There you'll find a 'suggested course sequence.' This breaks down the required and support courses --- including the gen ed requirements --- for the major, broken down by semester. 


Step 3: Meet with an advisor to review your courses

As an Interior Design student, you are required to meet with your faculty advisor each
semester for course and program advisement. 

Appointments can be scheduled by phone or email.

Kristen Arnold, M.Ed, Bid, IDEC 
NCIDQ Certificate No. 28155
Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor

Step 4: Register for classes

Find registration dates and video tutorials