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Sport Coaching Education

No matter your game, you can learn how to become a successful sport coach through our sport coaching education program.

What You'll Learn

Sport coaching education trains you in the fundamentals of coaching sport. Topics include:

  • Sports medicine
  • Coaching philosophies and styles
  • Leadership skills
  • Sport pedagogy
  • Sociological and historical aspects of sport
  • Practical coaching experience

What You Can Do

While sport coaching education offers you the knowledge to become a sport coach, it also provides leadership skills beneficial in any industry.

Our dual minor offers physical education and sport coaching skills, which will help you stand out while seeking a career in a K-12 school system.



Minor in Sport Coaching Education

Learn the essential skills and knowledge for coaching sport, along with the basics of first aid, sports medicine and sport pedagogy.

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Dual Minor

Physical Education and Coaching Education Teaching

Along with skills and knowledge in physical education, this program teaches you how to become an effective and motivational sport coach in a K-12 school system.

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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Coaching Sport Emphasis

Add an in-depth knowledge of coaching to your BIS program.

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