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Honors Program

Honors courses are not harder, just better! We hear this over and over from students. Professors who teach in the Honors Program are selected from across every corner of campus. We ask them to design the most exciting, transformational courses they can imagine, courses that enrich and engage.
Honors classes are known for their quality. They are small and discussion-based. In these classes, students join with faculty and peers to discuss big ideas and serious issues. There is no busy work! Instead, interdisciplinary learning reveals the world in its full complexity. To put it simply: we offer the best classes on campus, by the best professors, and our classes are filled with curious and motivated students, like you! 
Outside of the classroom, the Honors Center is a place to relax and recharge. There is free food and drinks available when you need a snack. You can print for free, and we even have a Zen room. Our amazing staff will answer any questions you have about courses, graduation requirements, scholarships, and travel opportunities. 
We don’t make restrictions on who can join Honors. If you want to learn, you belong with us. If you haven’t done well in school before, you still belong with us. If you are looking for a more meaningful college experience, the Honors Program is made for you.


For students seeking a high impact experience, the Honors Program combines an intimate classroom environment with the stimulating perspectives of dedicated students and professors from a variety of academic disciplines. If challenging coursework, small classes and intellectual discourse appeals to you, well, welcome home.

William Ward Foundation, University & Departmental Honors




My favorite part of the Honors Program is how interdisciplinary it is. I think as students we tend to get caught up in our own colleges and programs, but it is a lot of fun to interact with people who are studying different things. It's really a great way to meet people and get involved and I would absolutely recommend everyone join.

Kaydee Davis Foundation, University & Departmental Honors