Goddard's Vision & Mission

Weber State University Goddard School of Business & Economics


"We will be a leader among our peer institutions in providing undergraduate and masters level business and economics education. Through the educational experiences we create, our students will be able to transform themselves into leaders who grow their communities and positively impact the world. We will be known for our scholarship, our commitment to the communities we serve, and our ability to prepare capable graduates."


The John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics provides quality undergraduate and graduate education for developing professionals and career-oriented students. Degree programs are grounded in the university’s liberal arts tradition and focused on synthesis of theory across disciplines, the application of theory to practice and the enhancement of professional skills. While we are primarily a regional institution, we seek to prepare our students to succeed in the global economy.

Three principles are central to our mission:

We champion continuous learning through excellent teaching, close student-faculty interaction, small class sizes, assurance of learning processes, and faculty scholarship designed to improve effective teaching.

Our portfolio of faculty intellectual contributions is diverse including application of theory to practice, advancement within and across disciplines, and utilization of research outcomes to further learning.

We enhance our community through the dissemination of best practices, the provision of economic information and analysis, the engagement in professional organizations and societies, and the creation of strategic relationships which expand life-long learning opportunities for our stakeholders.