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Departmental Honors

Welcome Students

The Department of Geography offers departmental honors, a way to recognize students who have attained the highest academic achievement, in collaboration with the Honors Program.

Why Earn Departmental Honors?

Earning departmental honors identifies you as an exceptional student to graduate programs and prospective employers.


  • Complete all the required course work for one of the geography major tracks
  • Maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 3.5 and a GPA of 3.7 in the major
  • Earn an A in Geography 4990 – Senior Seminar
  • Complete a minimum of 20 documented hours of major-related service. (For example, an internship working at the Ogden Nature Center or tutoring.)
  • Demonstrate an interest and expertise in research by making a professional presentation at, for example, the WSU Undergraduate Research Conference, the Association of American Geographers meeting or the Intermountain Sustainability Summit (held at WSU).

Apply for Departmental Honors

How to Apply

1. Download and complete the Departmental Honors Application, available on the WSU Honors webpage,

2. Meet with the Geography Departmental Honors Advisor, Dr. Alice Mulder (office LI147D) who will review and sign your application.

3. Submit the completed application to the Honors Program Coordinator, Megan Moulding, who is located in LI 324. You will receive notification confirming your acceptance into the program.
*Note: you must be admitted into Departmental Honors at least one semester before graduating.

Applying for Graduation with Departmental Honors:
1. Early in the semester of anticipated graduation, download and complete the Departmental Honors Exit Application, found on the WSU Honors webpage,

2. Meet with the Geography Departmental Honors Advisor, who will review your application and sign off on your application.

3. Submit the signed form to the Honors Program Coordinator, who will clear you for graduation with Departmental Honors. You must still apply for graduation through the Graduation Office.
Note: the Exit Application must be submitted prior to fall break for fall graduation and prior to spring break for spring graduation.


How You’ll Be Recognized

  • Departmental honors medallion to wear at commencement
  • “Geography Departmental Honors” designation on official transcript
  • “Geography Departmental Honors” printed on degree diploma
  • Personalized certificate signed by WSU’s president and honors director
  • Invitations to honors educational and social events.
  • Invitation to Honors Nye-Cortez banquet at the end of the academic year


Dr. Alice Mulder
Geography Departmental Honors Advisor

Marilyn Diamond
Honors Advisor