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Bachelor's Degrees in Geography

Our bachelor’s degrees prepare you for a wide range of professions such as cartography, research, land use planning, geotechnologies, census analysis, environmental consulting, forestry, hydrology, climatology, resource management, global development, sustainability and teaching.

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Degree Information

All geography majors take coursework in natural/environmental and human/cultural topics, practice hands-on with geospatial technologies, participate in a field/travel experience, complete a senior capstone project, engage in community service and have the opportunity to hold an internship with a nearby business, local, state or federal agency, or with an NGO.

Grade Requirements: A grade of C or better in courses required for this major, and an overall GPA in the major of 2.00.

Credit Hour Requirements: A total of 120 credit hours are required for graduation, with 36-39 of those earned in the major. Of those hours, 40 must be upper division credit hours, with 21-27 earned in the major.


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