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About Geography

Why Study Geography?

What is the most fun or exciting aspect of Weber State's geography major?
Here is what is so exciting for us: Geography and Geographers are in greater demand now than at any time in recent history.
Why?  For two simple reasons. 

Everything is global now.  Our countries, people, environment, economies, political systems, natural and human resources, social spaces and marketplaces have never been so interconnected and never so interdependent.  And who better to understand these planet-wide realities than a geographer. 

The second reason has to do with Geospatial Technologies.  Computer Mapping, GIS, Satellite Imagery, GPS, and Navigation Systems have found exponentially more uses and more users each year.  If one has these tools in their technological toolbox, their employment prospects have never looked brighter.  It is indeed an exciting time be a geographer at Weber State.

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