Why should you join a WSU fraternity or sorority?


As a member of Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL), you will gain hands on experience in leading and you'll find tremendous opportunities that will give you the experience to become an effective leader. Fraternities and sororities are self-governing, giving members numerous leadership possibilities. Leadership opportunities exist for students through the Fraternity & Sorority/Greek Council as well.


Service to others and the community is part of everyday life in FSL. Our fraternities and sororities are generous fund raisers and service providers, annually giving more than $40,000 and 3000 service hours to local and national causes. In the past, WSU fraternities and sororities have supported the local and campus community by being involved in volunteer activities such as Relay for Life, organizing events for a local senior care facility, serving in a soup kitchen, sponsoring a blood drive, and doing a clean-up at a local park.


Fraternity and sorority members may be found in all parts of campus life. From the Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) to Orientation Advisors, Intramural Sports, Honor Societies, as student staff in many offices and departments, varsity sports and throughout the student organizations found on campus. No matter where you look you will most likely find a member of FSL working hard to ensure the campus remains a vibrant and diverse place of learning for students.


The bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood among members of fraternities and sororities are irreplaceable and result in friendships that last a lifetime.


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