Suggestions for Faculty Syllabi

Below are suggestions of text that faculty members can place on their syllabi. Students please note that the following policies are up to the discretion of each faculty member.

Suggestion 1

In the event of an extended campus closure, I will continue to provide instruction by utilizing the Canvas online course system (WSU Online). I will provide text-based mini-lectures three times each week and will expect you to login to the system on a regular basis to keep up with course work if you are able. Assignments will be provided through the online system with clear due dates and expectations. Discussions will be made available to allow you to interact with other students and me about course material, but participation in these will not be required. I will check email within the Canvas course on a daily basis should you need to communicate with me personally. If you are not familiar with the Canvas system, please review the student orientation available at

Suggestion 2

Please let me know by the end of the first week of the semester if you do not have access to a computer and/or the Internet from your home. I do understand that if you are incapacitated by the flu, because either you are sick or you are caring for someone who is sick, that other arrangements will need to be made for you to complete the class work.

Suggestion 3

Special Note on the Flu this Fall:

I would like to reinforce the following guidelines for this class:

If you are ill, stay home. If you become ill (fever, chills, cough) while at school, go home. Exposing others to the virus can potentially result in serious complications and even death in high-risk individuals. See the WSU website at for specific recommendations. While on campus, use the hand sanitizer provided throughout the College of Health Professions. Notify me if you have any concerns or you are sick or have a sick family member you must care for. I am committed to finding mutually acceptable ways for you to complete your coursework. Always wash your hands and cover your mouth if you cough.