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First-Year Students

Programs and Classes to Support You

There are many programs, courses and community-based centers available for first-year students at Weber State. First-year students have many options depending on their mathematics and English placements, and can combine this with their interests in enrolling in specific courses designed to support learning about college life and resources. Before enrolling in any class, first-time students should complete New Student Orientation Modules through the eWeber portal and talk to an advisor about which classes best fit their academic goals.


First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program is designed to help incoming students make a successful transition into the university community by offering a three-credit hour, elective course called Foundations of College Success (UNIV 1105).


Composition is typically completed by a two-semester course sequence (ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1005 in the first semester and ENGL 2010 or ENGL 2015 in the second semester) designed to familiarize students with the principles of writing at the college level. This sequence provides students with the specific writing skills required by their departments and with strategies for writing at the college level (and beyond).

Quantitative Literacy

The WSU Quantitative Literacy requirement is fulfilled by a designated QL class that provides students with a college-level foundation in mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for their career and life.  There are a range of QL classes to choose from and course sequences for students placed in developmental math to optimally prepare for the QL course that best fits their needs and goals.


Wildcat Scholars

Wildcat Scholars Program is a first year program of purposefully designed courses that help students build a solid foundation for college success. Need some extra support in English and Math at college? Wildcat Scholars may be for you and offers a welcoming support network as you transition into college through comprehensive financial, academic, and personal support.

FAST Start Learning Communities

FAST Start Learning Communities provide first-year students with courses that: (1) will be with other first-year students; (2) have in-class Learning Assistants, who will work closely with you to help you be successful in class and in college and (3) a small-class setting that will allow you to get to know your peers and professor. Visit the FAST Start learning communities website to learn about the program and enroll in courses.


LEAP helps to refine Academic English skills for students who are able to understand and/or use more than one language. These classes are specifically designed to build a solid foundation of English language skills. Students who complete these classes will earn Foreign Language credits. The LEAP test is free and could potentially place students in English 1010.

Student Community Centers

Access & Diversity

Access and Diversity works to develop and maintains a pipeline for historically underrepresented students, help them gain access to higher education, ensure their successful transition into college, and provide programs and services that engage, retain, and graduate students

Student Support Services (SSS)

Student Support Services (SSS) and Student Support Services - STEM (SSS-STEM) are a grant-funded programs that provide support primarily to first-generation and low-income students. The program offers financial support, advising, turoring, and study space. Separate applications are required for the SSS (any major) and the SSS-STEM (majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) programs.


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