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Board Size Reference

All sizes listed are in pixels (px). Do not just drag and resize images. Images that are not properly resized will come out blurry on the boards. Linked under each board is a photoshop file pre-sized to be the exact dimensions per each board. 

  • Stewart Stadium

    There are two boards at the Stewart Stadium. The north board and the south board.


    North Board

    900(W) x 504(H)

    Main Board

    South Board

    1620(W) x 1080(H)

    Main Board
  • Dee Events Center

    There are 5 sets of boards at the Dee to be aware of.


    Main Board

    840(W) x 504(H)

    Main Board

    Lower Ring Boards

    840(W) x 168(H)

    Main Board

    Fascia Board

    10176(W) x 32(H)

    Main Board

    Corner Boards

    672(W) x 168(H)

    Main Board

    Wedge Boards

    120(W) x 432(H)

    Main Board