Account Monitor


Account Monitor is a service that monitors your eWeber account. Your eWeber account is the account you use to access Weber State University resources (ie. workstation, gmail, portal). Account Monitor will send updates to your personal e-mail if any changes occur to your eWeber account, such as password changes.

To monitor your eWeber account or update/delete your Account Monitor account, go to the Account Monitor Signup Page.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I use my Weber email to sign up for Account Monitor?
A: No, do not enter in your Weber email when creating your Account Monitor account. It needs to be different because if someone can access your eWeber account, then they will be able to change your password as well. That would render your Weber email inaccessable.


Q: Do I have to sign up for Account Monitor?
A: No, Account Monitor is not required. If you wish to have extra security for your eWeber account, then the Financial Services IT department recommends signing up for Account Monitor.


Q: But I have to use DUO to log into eWeber. Why should I sign up for Account Monitor if I already use DUO?
A: Account Monitor will monitor your eWeber login and email you when a change occurs. In the event an unauthorized user gets control over your eWeber account and changes the password, you will know almost instantly of the change and take proper action.
DUO is a two token authentication system used to protect WSU internal web resources from unauthorized access by having the user provide another form of authorization (cell phone, desk phone, etc.) while logging in.


Q: How do I sign up my personal e-mail with Account Monitor?
A: To set up your personal e-mail with Account Monitor, follow these instructions (PDF).


Q: Can I change my personal e-mail that I entered in to monitor my eWeber account after I signed up for Account Monitor?
A: Yes, you can change the e-mail from Account Monitor. Click here for instructions (PDF).


Q: I do not want my eWeber account monitored anymore. What do I do?
A: You can can remove your eWeber account from being monitored by simply going to the Account Monitor page, and clicking “Delete” under the “Delete Existing Account” section near the bottom of the page.


Q: I stopped monitoring my eWeber account. Now I want to have my eWeber account monitored again. Am I able to enter the same e-mail I used before, or do I have to enter in a new e-mail?
A: You are able to enter the same personal e-mail into Account Monitor as you did before, even if you stopped monitoring your eWeber account in the past.


Q: Where can I go for more help?
A: The Financial Services IT department is ready to help you with any questions about Account Monitor. For contact information, see the “Contact Us” section below.