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Film Studies

Welcome to the Film Studies program at Weber State University. Our interdisciplinary program inspires students to cultivate a deep appreciation for filmmaking and critically analyzing the art of cinema to understand its social, historical, and aesthetic implications. Our courses range from a narrative, documentary, and experimental production, Screenplay writing to film theory, history, and genre studies.

Although we are a production-heavy program, we also value the importance of comprehensive knowledge of film criticism, which enriches the creative filmmaking process. The Film Studies interdisciplinary curriculum reflects this approach.

Through extensive experiential learning opportunities, students acquire essential skills in directing, producing, editing, and cinematography. Film majors have access to state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities and, a dedicated sound stage, a green screen studio. Our students gain hands-on experience working with high-end cameras such as Red Camera, Black Magic Cinema and equipment, and industry-standard post-production software such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Pro Tools.

Utah has a thriving film scene. Over 1,000 movies, television productions, and advertisements were produced in the region. Our students have the opportunity to take advantage of the film scene in Utah. Many of our students find employment as crew on the set on numerous film and tv sets.

What distinguishes us from other film programs?

Hands-on Experience

Get hands-on experience in writing, directing, producing, cinematography and editing using industry-standard technology, as well as an array of professional production equipment and computer software.

Faculty-Student Collaboration

Our award-winning faculties have extensive industry and teaching experience. They would mentor closely to ensure students find success in their film endeavours.

Develop a Broad Portfolio

Students will compile an extensive body of work that showcases their skills which is essential in securing careers in industry and acceptance in post-graduate film programs.

Learning Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Further your education outside the classroom with a unique selection of experiential learning opportunities that will perfectly complement your degree. These opportunities will help you explore the field of film production further and increase your knowledge and skills.

Strategic Internship

The Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities has a dedicated internship coordinator committed to helping film studies majors find national and international internships, including opportunities with the Sundance Institute, Utah Film Commission and Salt Lake Film Society.

Employment Prospects

There are a variety of career paths available to Film Studies Major . Our graduates have pursued careers in the film industry, the communication industry that intersects with film, including advertising, public relations, educational media, or freelance content creator. Other students may choose to pursue an advanced degree in film or related disciplines, including film studies, and broadcasting/public communications. Regardless of career goals, our film students develop a wide range of skills that can be applied in a number of different industries and employment settings.

For More Information Contact

Ash Soltani Stone
Director of Film Studies Program
Elizabeth Hall, Room 361
Phone: 801-626-8906
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