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How to Register for FAST Start Cohorts

Steps to Register

  1. First meet with your contact advisor or Kirsti Fox to talk about whether FAST Start is a good fit for you. Your advisor will than grant you access to register for the Learning Community of your choice.

  2. Log into your Weber Student Portal and select the “Register for Classes (Add/Drop)” application.

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  3. Read through the tuition and registration agreements and answer any additional questions required.

  4. Click on the “Register for Classes” icon:

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  5. Select the Fall 2022 term option from the drop box provided:

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  6. Click on the “Blocks” tab along the top menu, this will bring up the block your advisor has granted you access to.

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  7. Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. You will know you have successfully registered when you see “Registered” or “Web-Registered” in the “Status” column of your registration summary (located in the bottom right corner). ""

For questions or concerns, reach out to your contact advisor, or Kirsti Fox.





Kirsti Fox

First-Year Coordinator
SC 162
*Include W# in all correspondence

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