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Learning Assistants

students studyingThe FAST Start program makes use of tutors/mentors whom we call learning assistants (LAs). LAs are students who have already successfully completed the course and are trained to work with FAST Start students to help you achieve the same success. Think of LAs as lead climbers helping and supporting you as you make your way through the class and navigate the university as a first-time student. They are there to make sure you have all the support you need to figure out all the new exciting opportunities available as you transition to college.

LAs serve many roles with FAST Start students and are trained to be:

  • mentors
  • tutors
  • group facilitators
  • role models

students studyingThey work closely with the course faculty to support you. LAs will attend every class, so they will know what you are currently working on. The LAs may assist you with understanding class assignments, supporting group projects, and/or facilitating small group discussions. LAs may also connect with students outside the class by having regular meetings or drop-in times.

More than supporting you in class, the LAs will update you about FAST Start or university-wide activities. They will introduce you to university resources. You can find out through them where the career services office is and what is available there, how to make an appointment to meet with an advisor, where to get financial aid or scholarship information, and so much more we can’t even list them here.

So grab the rope and start the exciting climb up to Weber State and the FAST Start program!


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