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The first year of college can be overwhelming. The First-year Academic Support & Transition (FAST Start) program helps make the transition to college easier by making sure that you have a positive support system. FAST Start is open to all first-time students at Weber State. Special perks to participating in the FAST Start program include easy first-time registration, connecting with students within your major and area of interest early on, and specific support available only to FAST Start students. Learn more by exploring below!

FAST Start Program Includes


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Specially Designed Learning Communities

Learning Communities will have all first-time students and highly trained professors who teach class in a smaller group setting instead of a large lecture.

More about Learning Communities



Each Learning Community will have a mentor/tutor who will facilitate course activities, study sessions, and provide general academic and transition support to students.

Learning Assistants


Events &
Co-curricular Activities

Invitations to activities and social events specific to your Learning Community, as well as campus-wide activities and events where you can attend with friends.

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Learning Communities Offered

  • Major Class: Fills a requirement for your major.
  • Gateway Class: Fills a core requirement for your degree. By taking this class early, will make it more likely to graduate on time.
  • Other: Typically taken with your major class. Carefully considered to be included in the Learning Communities by advisors and leaders within your area of study.
  • Additional: Required or additional courses in the Learning Communities that are suggested by the advisors and leaders of your area of study. These are non-required additional courses but can contribute to the number of credit hours that you will need to be considered a full-time student. 


Interested in starting a FAST Start Learning Community?


How to Register for FAST Start Learning Communities  Meet with your Advisor