Cheers from Peers


Cheers from Peers FM SPOT Awards allow anyone to recognize any employee in Facilities Management for a job well done using a simple online form.




  • Nominate people right from your phone, the nearest computer or other internet-connected device. The online form makes it simple to recognize someone for a job well done.
  • Recognize and appreciate as many people as you want — no limits (note: each person will need to be nominated on a separate form)!
  • Remain anonymous or let people know you nominated them — it’s up to you. (note: your name will be recorded in the system for tracking purposes regardless if the recipient is told who nominated them).
  • Suggest that nominee be given a gift card along with your written note of appreciation. (note: the final decision on the monetary value of any Cheers from Peers Award is up to the director and/or the associate vice president and will be done in compliance with applicable university policies, including those on dollar value limits).
  • Employees, their directors, and the associate vice president will receive an email notification anytime someone receives recognition, including specific information about what they did that earned them the recognition.
  • Directors and the associate vice president will become more  aware of the good work that is being done in the department.

Start using the new system today!

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