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Ghana 2020

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Tentative Schedule:

Day 1 - Fly to Ghana.
Day 2 - Arrive in Ghana. Travel to GMAD home. 
Day 3 - Project work at GMAD home.
Day 4 - Attend church with children. Visit a village. Rest at GMAD home.
Day 5 - Project work at GMAD home.
Day 6 - Visit the market and sites in Accra.
Day 7 - Project work at GMAD home.
Day 8 - Canopy Walk at Kakum National Park and the Slave Castle in Elmina
Day 9 - Global Mamas Cultural Workshops in Cape Coast and the beach at Coconut Grove
Day 10 - Project work at GMAD home (possible beach Day with all GMAD kids)
Day 11 - Attend church with children. Goodbyes. Travel to airport. Fly home.
Day 12 - Arrive home.


$3,689 All expenses paid

The Spring Opportunity Award:

This is awarded to undergraduate students looking to do a short term trip, or semester-long exchange. Propose a way to promote study abroad, and you can earn between $200-$1000! 

Click the button below to apply for the Opportunity Award!



Jeremy Farner

ghana make a difference