Creating Change


  • How to Overcome our Biases? Walk Towards Them, by Verna Meyers 

  • Racism Has a Cost for Everyone, by Heather McGhee’s

  • Don’t Be A Savior, Be An Ally, by Rayna Gordon

Where to Donate

  • The NAACP Legal Defense Fund: Long term racial equality fight

  • Reclaim the Block (Grassroots): To combat the power and funds of the police union.

  • Black Visions Collective (Black, Trans, and Queer Led Organization): BLK Global Network and Official Chapter of Minnesota

  • Minnesota Freedom Fund: Pays jail bonds for those who cannot afford to fight discriminatory and coercive jailing

  • Black Lives Matter - Utah:

More Tips:

  • Vote!

  • TurboVote

  • Get involved politically ESPECIALLY in local government. Check-in with your:

    • Mayors

    • County Executives - funding police

    • District and State Attorney’s - investigate and charge

    • City Hall Meetings

    • City Facebook groups

Do Your Research

  • Check out Utah's Chapter of YWCA and their annual challenge

  • Make sure to fact-check what you see on social media before you share.

  • Tips on how to fact-check:

    • Find additional sources that are speaking to the same topic.

    • Check the dates and sources that you find valid.

    • Look through Google Scholar and other scholarly sources that back up the information presented.

  • Engage in constructive conversations

  • Be aware that protests and voting go hand in hand.