About Us

This division was created in 2022, making it the most significant change to the university’s organizational structure in more than 28 years. It is just one step toward Weber State’s goal of equity, diversity and inclusion, outlined in the university’s strategic plan. The division was helmed by Adrienne Andrews until October 2023.

The EDI team, and the Weber State divisions that support us, are here to ensure students across all our campuses have an equitable and enjoyable experience while pursuing their dreams.

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Inclusivity Statement

Pivotal to Weber State University's mission is the need to embrace and value the diversity of its members. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual, we seek to cultivate an environment that encourages freedom of expression.

Because the university is a community where inquiry is nurtured and theories are tested, every individual has the right to feel safe to express ideas that differ from those held by other members of the community. 

However, all persons who aspire to be part of our campus community must accept the responsibility to demonstrate civility and respect for the dignity of others. Recognizing that the proper balance between freedom of expression and respect for others is not always apparent or easy to achieve, we must continually challenge ourselves and each other in an atmosphere of mutual concern, goodwill, and respect. 

Therefore, expressions or actions that disparage an individual's or group's ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability are contrary to the mission of Weber State University.

Diversity Initiative

The Weber State University Diversity Initiative is an institution-wide effort to improve educational quality through creation of an inclusive environment where all are welcome and opportunities are available for students to reach their full potential and contribute to the achievement of the university mission.

The mission of the WSU Diversity Initiative Is:

  • To promote campus unity by emphasizing shared experiences and principles, respect for human qualities that differentiate all individuals, and achievement of institutional goals.
  • To enhance the development of leadership capabilities within the student, faculty, and staff populations.
  • To facilitate development of curricula which merge varied perspectives.
  • To support recruitment of students, faculty, and staff reflective of America's broad spectrum of perspectives, cultures, heritages, and backgrounds within the campus community.
  • To promote values and ideas of all perspectives, cultures, heritages, and backgrounds within the campus community.
  • To promote development of support programs for faculty, staff, and students who are products of all perspectives, cultures, heritages, and backgrounds.
  • To encourage networking of interest groups for the benefit of all.