Environmental Science Advising

We encourage you to visit the Environmental Science office, co-located with the Center for Science and Math Education in room TY204 on the second floor of Tracy Hall (south side, upstairs from Starbucks).

The faculty academic advisor can help you with your questions regarding curriculum and course scheduling, events, research opportunities, and career planning. Faculty advisors are available for appointments during the Fall and Spring semesters. For summer advising needs, please contact one of the general advisors in the College of Science Advising Office.

Faculty Academic Advisor

Carie Frantz

Environmental Science Program Director
Associate Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
TY 315  |  801-626-6181  |  cariefrantz@weber.edu
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About Dr. Frantz

Dr. Carie Frantz is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist with a background in chemistry, microbiology, and Earth science. Dr. Frantz teaches courses that blend disciplines, like Geomicrobiology and Environmental Geochemistry. Her research focuses on microbe-mineral interactions, and the ways that signals of climate change are altered by microbial processes. While much of her fieldwork takes place at Great Salt Lake, she has worked at sites around the West, on four continents, and in the Arctic. Her projects combine fieldwork with laboratory experiments and modeling, and she loves involving students in research within the courses she teaches as well as in independent projects.


Dr. Frantz will handles advising for all environmental science majors. She is also happy to chat with students about figuring out what they want to do with their lives; undergraduate research; grad school applications; balancing work, school, and extracurricular activities; finding jobs as a broadly-trained scientist; science-based activism; and all things skiing.

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