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Take control of your education and life. Learn the principles of innovation along with the areas of study you are most interested in. Offering a unique twist on the typical associate’s degree, our Associates of Entrepreneurship will allow you explore the foundations entrepreneurial thinking as well as one of six emphasis areas including Business, Communications, Computing, Outdoor Recreation, Product Design and Development or Psychology. Use the knowledge and skills you learn from this degree to further your educational goals, career and life. Launch a business now or later, and/or standout among your colleagues as you discover new solutions that change the world. The future is in your hands; start now!

What will you learn

in the entrepreneurship program?


You'll learn skills such as: developing an entrepreneurial mindset, problem identification and solution creation, how to identify and create valuable entrepreneurial opportunities, financing techniques, sales and marketing, investor pitching. You'll also get invaluable hands-on experiences such as: the opportunity to compete in multiple contests for big awards and test your concepts, products and ideas in the community to get REAL feedback.

Get hired. Earn more.

with entrepreneurship expertise

Companies owned by or who employ entrepreneurship graduates report greater than 5 times the sales and employment growth than companies that do not.

Entrepreneurship graduates accumulate 62% more in personal assets after graduation than non-entrepreneurship graduates Mean income for entrepreneurs almost 50% greater than for “employees”

A quick look

WSU Catalog

Our course catalog is a comprehensive look at the more than 225 degree programs we offer. Check out our minor degree offerings and see which one pairs best with entrepreneuship.  

Entrepreneurship Degrees

See what you can expect to learn in our entrepreneurship degree programs along with career projections and faculty info. 

Grad Map

Use Weber State Graduation MAPs (Major Academic Plans) to ensure you're taking the right classes to get to graduation.

Entrepreneurship courses

choose 16 total credits

Emphasis area courses

listing of required and optional emphasis area courses

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