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Employee Wellness Ambassador Registration

Employee Wellness is looking for employees who:

Wellness Ambassadors are vital to the Employee Wellness program as they are able to promote wellness across campus.

Our ambassadors assist with communicating current wellness programs, events, and resources. Ambassadors will also have an opportunity to promote culture change and compete for Wellness Ambassador of the Year.

Before registering to become an ambassador, check here to see if your department already has an ambassador. If your department or program does not already have an ambassador and you would like to become one, review the information on this page and register below.


  • What Are My Responsibilities?

    Minimum Commitment

    • Attend a 1-hour training in December
    • Attend monthly 1-hour committee meetings
    • Provide your department with information about upcoming events
    • Ensure that all peers are able to participate in released wellness time (PPM 3-68)
    • Be a role model of a wellness program participant


  • Wellness Ambassador of the Year

    In addition to the above requirements, ambassadors are encouraged to complete activities that will improve the wellness culture of their department and campus.

    These activities include:

    • Organizing a walking meeting within your department
    • Scheduling a gym orientation for your department
    • Hanging posters of walking trails near work
    • Giving recognition to a peer in your department who has made wellness improvements

    All activities are provided and correlate with a point system.

    One trophy will be awarded to the one ambassador who earns the most points between January and December each year.

  • What Is My Time Commitment?   

    Approximately 1 hour per month from January to December.

  • What Are The Benefits?   

    • Be the first to know about upcoming Employee Wellness events and programs
    • Contribute to culture change across campus
    • All Ambassadors will be recognized at a luncheon in December each year