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Spouse of Employee

Employee Wellness encourages the participation of the employee's spouse in various aspects of our program. Participating in the Employee Wellness program can provide you with the following benefits: 


  • Bonus Program

    This program is only available to employees and their spouses that are covered under WSU PEHP insurance.

    Once you complete a health risk assessment, a blood lipid screening and meet specific health criteria, you will receive a monthly $30 bonus. This program is completely voluntary. 

    1. Complete the Health Risk Assessment
    2. Complete a Blood Lipid Screening
    3. Earn $360
    4. Renew each year


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  • Other Programs

    • Lunch and Learn
    • Monthly Challenge
    • Wellness Workshop
    • Cooking Demonstration
    • Health Improvement Classes
    • Group Exercise Classes
    • Personal Training
    • Health Assessments
    • Wellness Coaching
    • TOPS