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Lunch & Learn

Pack a lunch and join us for a class on improving your wellness. Lunch & Learn classes are typically held on the final Friday of every month. 

Join Employee Wellness in 2020 as we take you on a Health Road Trip!

Looking for a getaway to add fun and adventure into your life? While we can't promise paradise, we can guarantee some excitement with our new wellness monthly challenges. Each destination city features a unique health topic to explore such as stress management, vegetable intake, and laughing!

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime... one that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

Register on Training Tracker 810-03 in the eWeber portal. Presentations last between 30-45 minutes and are open to all Faculty and Staff.

Employees can earn $20 from the Wellness Pays Rewards program by attending 3 Lunch & Learn classes. Employee Wellness will post recorded presentations as they become available. Employees can still earn credit for viewing these recorded presentations by answering the attached learning questions. 


2020 Lunch & Learn Schedule




Grain Cayman Islands              (How to eat more Whole Grains)

January 2: Online Only



Smog Lake City, Utah                (Reduce your emissions)

January 24: Swenson Building,

Room 225,  12 p.m.



Heartford, Connecticut

February 21: Swenson Building,

Room 225,  12 p.m.



Aerobiquerque, New Mexico


Online Only



Las Veggies, Nevada

April 17: Online Only




Stretch Louis, Missouri

May 22: Online 

12 p.m.



Strong Falls, South Dakota

June 19: Online

12 p.m.

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HahaLulu, Hawaii

July 17: Online

12 p.m.

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Pressureburg, Pennsylvannia

August 21: Online Only

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Sweetattle, Washington

September 18: Swenson Building,

Room 225,  12 p.m.

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New Balancewick, Canada

October 23: Swenson Building,

Room 225,  12 p.m.

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Rest Palm Beach, Florida

November 20: Swenson Building,

Room 225,  12 p.m.

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