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The University’s campuses are located in safe areas, but no campus is completely free from crime. All members of the University community should take reasonable precautions. Weber State is committed to working with all members of the community to make its campuses safe and secure. To this end, an Annual Security Report and Fire Report flyer with instructions for obtaining detailed information is located in your pre-employment packet. The information is required reading for all faculty, staff and students. Among other things, this information covers incident reporting procedures, crime statistics, threat notification process, fire safety, drug & alcohol policy, and weapons policy.

Public Safety

The WSU Police Department bears primary responsibility for law enforcement and safety on campus. The officers are trained and accredited by the state. Officers enforce all state and federal laws without favoritism or bias. No laws are exempt, including those related to sex offenses and alcohol and substance abuse, including the consumption of alcohol by underage drinkers. Free crime awareness/prevention literature and free-for-loan videos on a variety of subjects, including sexual offenses, are available from the University Police. 

While WSU attempts to provide a safe and secure environment, all campus citizens take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. Often, the best defense against crime, including sexual offenses, is one’s own personal alertness and awareness. Never place yourself at risk. Report all suspicious incidents to the police immediately. Notify your professor or supervisor when you are concerned about safety and security. 

Violence Prevention

Weapons on Campus
Weber State University is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from any type of violence or threat of violence perpetrated by or against all members of the University Community. 

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug Free PPM
Smoke Free Zones

Alcoholic Beverage PPM
Drug and Alcohol Testing PPM
Staff discipline PPM

It is the policy of Weber State University to maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace. The University prohibits use, possession, distribution, sale, manufacture, or possession for purposes of distribution or sale of any controlled substance or illegal drug.
The University prohibits the possession, distribution, sale, manufacture or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the University campus except as permitted by PPM 5-25d ( and as allowed in the University's proprietary capacity, subject to Weber State University's Alcohol Service Guidelines. Furthermore, Weber State University prohibits the unauthorized possession, distribution, sale, manufacture or consumption of alcoholic beverages at any off-campus, University-sponsored activity.