Teaching Philosophy

If you take one of my classes, be prepared to speak the target language and to be an active participant… even if you’re taking the class online! I strive to give my students ample opportunities to connect with the target language and culture through various class activities. In my lower-division classes I emphasize oral proficiency and cultural content over the teaching of mechanical grammar skills. In upper-division classes I provide students with activities that will help them continue developing oral proficiency skills and improving written skills while analyzing and evaluating information and facts. I am a constant learner, and I consider teaching a skill that progresses as the instructure is exposed to new techniques and methodologies. I attend conferences and workshops on teaching methods on a regular basis. My teaching style grows, changes, and improves as I interact with my colleagues and students.

Courses I teach

Span 3570: Hispanic Culture in the US

Did you know that the oldest street in the United States is of Hispanic origin? Come and learn about the long and rich presence of Hispanic cultures in the US! We will explore history, influence in mainstream culture, cultural production, language and much, much more.

Span 3570: Religion in Early Spain

Do you know why Spain is "different"? In this class we will explore the cross-cultural contacts, interactions and results of over 800 years of Convivencia, times of war and times of peace between Jews, Muslims and Christians in Early Spain.

Span 3570: Hispanic Rogues and Superheroes

In this class we are going beyong the Marvel and DC multiverses! We will analyze the concept of hero, superheroe and rogue, the archetypes behind them, and how the meaning of these terms differs within each culture. We will acknowledge btoh how Hispanic cultures represent their heroes and rebels (both historical and fictional), and how they are represented and/or perceived in other cultures

Span 3610: Early Spanish Literature

In this class you will learn about the apltly named Siglo de Oro of the Spanish letters and arts. We will explore the literary produciton of this period and its sociopolitical and cultural context. We will also make connections between the Early Modern Spanish text and today's world, and will delve into the reasons why the Siglo de Oro remains current.

Span 3620: Modern Spanish Literature

In this class we will study some of the most memorable writers and literary styles of Modern Spanish literature from the 18th to the 21st century. We will travel with pirates and rogues through the Romantic period; learn about life, death and faith at the turn of the 20th century; and study what the most current trends in Spanish literature are in the new millennium. We will make connections between literary text, culture and today's world through the main class readings, historical facts, art, and other media.

Span 3720/3730: Medical Spanish I and II

In these classes you will learn medical-related vocabulary, grammar structures and intercultural competence within the context of the medical field, as well as health- related issues in Spanish-speaking countries. Medical Spanish I and II are language and culture courses with a component on global learning.

Span 3760: Medical Translation

In this course you will become familiarized with the world of medical translation: textual genres, terminology, useful grammar structures, intercultural competence and translation strategies, among others. We will also learn about the profession and the tools and resources available to medical translators. But most importantly, you will have the opportunity to work in groups and individually, simulating a professional setting and testing your skills at translation within the medical field!