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Distance Learning

Online Teaching & Learning

We believe that having advanced trained emergency providers in rural areas of the country is vital. After all, medical needs are most acute where assistance is not easily accessible. For more than a decade, Weber State University's Department of Emergency Healthcare (EH) has trained paramedics in rural areas of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Washington using our state-of-the-art distance format.

Although online teaching has become a conventional method of education, most clinical education continues to require some synchronous dialogue and a hands-on practical application. We offer the unique option of having lectures delivered live but from a distance. Using broadband internet technology, the EH faculty teach from the classroom or remotely, while the students have the option to attend the lecture from the main Ogden classroom, a remote classroom, or from their personal computer while at home or on the job. The lectures remain interactive and real-time, allowing for a more effective learning environment.

The practical lab component of paramedic training continues to be provided face-to-face on the main Ogden campus, the Salt Lake Community Miller Campus during the Spring cohort, or select remote labs during the Summer cohort; however, since students do not have to come to campus for lectures, traveling to the labs becomes much more practical.

There are distance options available for each of the three cohorts that are offered each academic year. The applicant's location, current work schedule, and overall application rating will be used to determine which candidates are eligible for our distance openings. For more details about the EH distance learning program, give us a call at (801)626-6521.