Posted 2/19/20

WEST Scholarship for STEM Majors

WEST Scholars will receive a 4-year scholarship, up to $5,000 per year, to complete a degree in STEM programs, including ENGINEERING.


Posted 1/23/20

Engineering Department Scholarships

Be sure to apply for scholarships for 2020-2021.  Search "Financial Aid & Scholarships" in your portal, and then apply on the "Specialized Scholarship Application".


These scholarships are awarded in April 2020.

Also, if you complete the FAFSA you will be eligible for more scholarships, regardless of your financial situation.

(HINT!  We have new scholarships for women in Engineering this year!)


Posted 11/15/19

WSU WEST Scholarship 

Students!  Receive a 4-year scholarship up to $5000/year to complete a degree in the STEM programs...


Posted 9/25/19

Pro Stock Hockey Scholarship

Students - here is an opportunity for any of you that may play hockey.  It's not required but I'm sure would increase your chances!

(Pro Stock Hockey Scholarship
Deadline date: August 1st, 2020
Detailed description: Pro Stock Hockey is not only a strong supporter of organized hockey, but of education as well. We are proud to be able to help students who are pursuing degrees in higher education. Through the Pro Stock Hockey Scholarship, we will award the winning student $1,000 to be used toward his or her degree.
Value of the scholarship: $1,000 (winner)
Number of scholarships available: 1
Minimum SAT/ACT and GPA: N/A
School Year: 2020
Major: To qualify, undergraduate or graduate students must attend an accredited college or university based in the USA.
U.S. Citizenship: Reside in U.S. 50 States