The Center for Technology Outreach’s mission is to provide community services for the College of Engineering, Applied Science & technology. In doing so, we have a wonderful list of engineering, coding, and science projects children will enjoy and can show off on our Instagram page @weberstateeast.

Math and physic simulations

In Engineering we use a lot of physics and math. These interactive labs are a fun way to learn some of those concepts.  

 Math and Physics Simulations


Code Combat 

A video game that makes you code to move. It starts off easy to teach you, then gets harder as your skills grow!


Egg Drop Challange 

A classic engineering challenge, see how high you can drop the egg without it breaking! 

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Paper Airplane Cargo Challenge

Design a paper airplane that can carry precious cargo... MONEY!

Make A Plane

Screen-Free Coding

A fun way to learn some coding without using a screen!

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Business Games

 Professional sales teaches a lot about the world of business: learn more through these games. 



Newspaper Tower

Test your engineering skills! Design, build and test a tower made of newspaper to hold a basketball. 

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Lego Zip Line

Play with some physics as you create a Lego zip line!

Let's Lego